Will I ever see my spine? (offthewallpixie) wrote,
Will I ever see my spine?

in my mind. in my heart.

fifteen weird and random things perhaps you'd like to know...
1. i'm an older soul. that is, my interests are common interests if you were around in the 1960s.
2. married. it's enlightening and definitely a delight.
3. i love dead men.
4. my dream job is to be the groundskeeper at Oak Hill Cemetery. Maintain the beauty.
5. my best friends range from being an astronomy student in Hawaii to being the eleven-year-old that i nanny.
6. the travel bug is a permanent disease with me.
7. you will have a better understanding of who i am if you hear the song "brand new key," by melanie.
8. you might very easily mistake me for the third member of the white stripes. nothing wrong with that.
9. i've done it all for love. and love didn't do it for me. until i met someone able to apply new meaning to the concept.
10. i love animals. sometimes more than i care for people. especially owls, bats, snakes, and cats. and octopi.
11. i sincerely wish i were a witch.
12. it's my mission to revive the flappers.
13. i would've made a great girlfriend for a romantic outlaw.
14. death surrounds me and sometimes it's ok. but sometimes it really hurts my feelings.
15. i just want to have dear friends. especially near me. i would adore that.
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