Will I ever see my spine? (offthewallpixie) wrote,
Will I ever see my spine?

third man business.

So, god damn it.... The White Stripes.
They have to be, by far, my favorite band still going.
Partially because it's hard to find a band that agrees with your wardrobe..
All because they're flaming incredible.
Every song, beyond absolute devotion to perfection.
It's... Amazing.
So what's this hostility with Jack White? Hm?
I'm talking out of having seen a special regarding talented guitarists (& singers, & all parts of the band) and even those arguably undeserving of being mentioned were praised, but Jack White? Scoffed! Whatttttt???? What's that business?
Just because he rocks modern blues like it's nobody's business...
I mean.. The nerve.
But, to shift the conversation to a positive...
The same special speaked highly of Dave Grohl on the drums. I mean, like it's an option though? Dave Grohl is immaculate conception on the drums guitar music. Seriously!

Also, Bill Hicks.


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